New In VSporten 3_5_11

1. Filtering matches
Under the pull-down menu a set of new functions has been added.
All of these functions operates on the match list displayed within the embedded match list (EML). EML is placed in the lower left part of Vsportens desktop.

The function (CTRL-O) shows all matches registered for the selected node in the tree on the left hand side (a season-folder, folder, division or team).
As a complement to this function there has been added a new function , access via CTRL-P. This new function displays only played matches for the selected node.

Remaining filtering functions are placed under . All of them operate on EML. Only matches having the selected status will be displayed in the EML.

Filtering Matches

2. Webfunctions
A set of functions integrating Vsporten3_5 with the VsportenWebSite5_2 are implemented under the pull-down-menu .
Users can eventualy, depending on the setup of the system, use the and functions.
The function displays all open sessions to Vsporten.

Web Functions

3. Visual Reminder While Forced-Format Is Used
Forced Format
4. Switching between table-types in the Preview-tool
Express buttons
5. Other Enhancements
5.1 EML
Drop-down lists in the EML are now fully visible and highlighted so the user efficiently can modify a date, assignee or status of a single match in the Embedded Match List (EML).

55.2 Preview Tool
When a user opens a dropdown-list with dates (either from-dates or to-dates), selected date snap automaticaly to a date closest to the current day (today), if the snapping is set on.
See the picture below to get information how snapping-to-existing-dates can be enabled in the preview tool:
Express buttons