Basic Operations

VSportens tree structure consists of the following object types: season folders (), regular folders (), series  (),  teams () and groups (). Creation of these objects is restricted to users having at least the Super Editor's privileges.

The pull-down menu File->Insert can be used to create new  folders, series, teams or tournaments.


Creating a new folder.

There are two types of folders: season folder and regular folder .

The season folder (also called main folder) is a folder just below the root node in the tree structure. A season folder is used to keep objects belonging to the same season and at some sites also belonging to the same sport discipline.

A folder ( or ) can contain other regular folders () or series () .

One can create a new folder in VSporten's desktop by using the menu File->Insert->Insert new folder.


A folder is defined by its name and description. A season folder has an additional attribute for specifying the calendar season to which this folder belongs. The Insert-button will create the new folder in the current folder. The user can create several folders without reentering the menu. Button Close will close the menu.

Creating a new league (serie)

In order to define a new serie some basic administration tasks of the VSporten must be already completed. This includes defining of sport disciplines, sport areas, calculation rules, sorting algorithms and export format. VSporten is installed with some standard predefined values which may be used here.

A serie definition includes the following attributes:

Name this name will appear on the desktop (80 characters)
Description description of the serie (256 characters)
Keywords keywords (80 characters)
Sport type sport type (predefined values)
Area sport area (predefined values)
Points per match points per won, lost or tied match
Positions of separators separators: 3 types
Sorting algorithm what sorting algorithm should be used
Export format what export format should be used when export serie from VSporten
Rounds Number of play rounds
Season A calendar season; this value overrides the calendar season assign to the season folder under which this serie is placed
Serie-Id id of the serie; serie-id can be used to insert an existing serie in a new place (new season).
Gender (serie type) Woman, man
Goal service This flag enables respectively disables the goal service on this serie (only if the Goal Service-function is available).
FI (form indicator) A form indicator can be chosen here (only if Form Indicator-function is available)


Adding teams into a serie

The user can use the menu File->Insert->New Team to insert new teams into a serie.

A team has the following attributes:

TeamName The name which appear in the VSporten's desktop and can be exported; this is so call 'short name' (80 characters)
MiddleName The alternative name, can be exported   (80 characters)
Description team's so called 'long name', can be exported  (256 characters) 
Markup a predefined markup for the team can be registered here
Group team's group membership
Penalty points penalty points can be registered here; the amount of a team's points calculated from team's matches (wins, ties and defeats) will be reduced by the penalty  points
Bonus points bonus points can be registered here; the amount of a team's points calculated from team's matches (wins, ties and defeats) will be increased by the bonus points
Note  additional string markup (4 characters)

To insert a new team the user has to specify at least the team's name and press the Insert-button. The team will be created in the database and will be inserted into the activated serie (league). The user can repeat the operation of adding a new team into the serie until the Close-button is pressed.

The user can insert an existing team into a serie by specifying the team's id in the Team-id field. This will load the team's attributes into the menu and the user has only to confirm the insert-operation by pressing the Insert-button.

Another way to add an existing team into a serie is by using the drag-and-drop method described here.

Pressing the OK-button will insert a team and close the menu. To quit the Close-button should be used.


Adding players into a team

There are several different ways to add players into a team. To create a completely new player the user has to use either the Player Facts Menu, the Players Menu or register the player via the Match Facts Menu. To add an existing player into a team the user has to work with the Copy Players Menu.

Registering new players from the Match Facts Menu.

A new player can be registered by using the on-fly-method while registering goals. Within the Match Facts Menu, the menu for inserting a player's name will automatically pop-up as soon as the focus moves into the goal-scorer column . Instead of selecting a name of an existing player the user can type in a new name and press  Enter to confirm the operation.


Player Facts Menu.

In order to start up this menu the user has first to activate a team where the player will be registered into.

Player Facts Menu can be then accessed from the pull-down menu Statistics->Player Info.

Within the Player Facts Menu - to insert a new player the pull-down menu Archive->Insert new player or CTRL-N can be used.


Players Menu.

This menu can be accessed from the pull-down menu Statistics->Players

New players may be entered here by adding new rows in the table. To insert confirm the insertion-operation the user has to press the Update-button.


Copying players from one team into another

Players can be copied from one team to another by using the Copy Players Menu.

The menu can be accessed from the pull down menu Tools->Copy Players or simply by dragging and dropping, (within the Vsporten tree) the source team (which the players are to be chosen from) over the destination team (which the chosen players will be copied to). This operations will bring up the Copy Players Menu where the user has to chose the players to be copied.