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Accessing Player Facts
Standard Facts View 
Extended Facts View
Finding Players

Accessing Player Facts

The Player Facts Menu can be accessed either directly from the Vsporten's tree or the Top Scorers List or the Match Facts Menu.

Accessing the Player Facts Menu from the Vsporten's tree.

To open inspect facts about a player from the VSporten's tree, the user has to activate the player's team in the tree and then use the pull-down menu Statistics->Player Info. This will bring up the Player Facts Menu ready to inspect players registered in the selected team.


Accessing the Player Facts Menu from the Top Scorers List.

The user has to select a player in the list and then press the button . This will bring up the Player Facts Menu loaded with the players facts in extended mode.


Accessing the Player Facts Menu from the Match Facts Menu.

The user can open the Player Facts Menu directly from the Match Facts Menu in two different ways.

By clicking the home or away team name in the header of the Match Facts Menu, the user will obtain the Player Facts Menu loaded with the corresponding teams players.

The other way although more tricky is to open the Player Facts Menu by pressing CTRL-E while focus is within the goal scorer column.


Standard Facts View

The standard view of the Player Facts shows the following fields:

season-id Season Id
serie-id League Id
team-id Team Id
player-id Player I
season Season Name
serie League Name
team Team Name
Role description Text field - Role Description (max 60 chars)
First name First Name (max 30 chars)
Last name Last Name (max 60 chars)
Middle name Middle Name (also Nick Name) (max 20 chars)
Role Role
Birthday Birth Date (date value)
Birthplace Text field - Place of Birth (max 40 chars)
Height Height (number value)
Weight Weight (number value)
Telephone Text field - Telephone Number (max 40 chars)
Nationality Nationality
Club debut Text field - Club Debut (max 80 chars)
Earlier clubs Text field - Earlier Clubs (max 256 chars)
Portrait Text field - Portrait (max 512 chars)
Titles Text field - Titles (max 256 chars)


The standard view of the Player Facts is as shown in the figure below.


Extended Facts View

Within the Player Facts Menu the user can switch between the standard and extended mode by pressing the buttons respectively  .

The extended facts view shows all goal-, event- and participation- data registered on the given player. By the participation  data it is understood participation registered via LineUps-tool.


Finding Players

Within  the Player Facts Menu there is a simply query tool for finding players by using query-fields: Last Name, First Name or Middle (Nick) Name. Automatic truncation will be applied, it means that searching for Näs will give hits like Näsholm or Näslund as in the example below: